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The 7th International scientific conference
("Baikal meeting")
"Intelligence and problems of national relationship"

Information letter

Conference date: September 16-18, 2008
Venue: Buryat State University in Ulan-Ude (Republic of Buryatia), and the Baikal Lake, Russia
Languages: Russian and English

Topics for discussion:

  • The place of intelligence in the social structure of nation
  • Intelligence and problems of national economics development in the condition of rising globalization
  • Transformation of social structure of intelligence and its influence on the international relationships
  • The role of intelligence in the national-political country life. (National intelligence as a factor of integration and disintegration of the political life
  • The problem of proficiency in the regulation of the international relationships
  • Intelligence and national culture in the system of culture interaction. Dialectics of nation and society in the cultural sphere
  • Mass media and its influence on the international relationships
  • The role of intelligence in the international and patriotic treatment of people, especially youth
  • Intelligence and the problems of national self-consciousness. The role of national cultural autonomies in the development of national self-consciousness
  • Meaning, types of origin and types of ethnic conflicts, their peculiarities and ways out

Papers submission deadline: June 1, 2008.
Proceedings are planned to be published by the beginning of the conference.

Requirements to the paper and the registration

The paper should be prepared as a scientific article. The volume should not exceed 6 pages; A4 format; fields of 2,5 cm; Times New Roman font, 12 pt; interval - 1,5; Word editor . Footnotes are in the end, clauses executed in the top register; numbering through; the name of a file is a surname of the author.

The electronic version should be send by e-mail:

Organizing fee - 250 rus.rubles (by cash at the registration). Traveling and living expenses - due to the participation side.

The application form for registration:

Name, Last name, Middle name
Degree, Rank, Post,
Place of work
Paper subject
Home address, phone, fax, e-mail.

Please, send the applications and papers to Dr. Vera A. Baryadaeva e-mail:,
Tel.: +7 (3012) 210562; fax: +7(3012) 210588


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